My thank you

06 Mar

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photo credits to Team Buban! =)

I would like to thank everyone who supported me directly and indirectly.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank God for the opportunity, for the guiding light and for giving me strength to stand up when I fell.

And ofcourse to the best support crew ever: Mccoy, Ina and Aaron, who patiently went back and forth with my running buddy Paolo, fed me when I was too tired to even remember I needed to feed and rushed to my rescue when I tripped and wounded and bruised myself in the dark.

Paolo, who has been training with me, has been steady all through out and put up with all my kaartehan.

Dave and Maripaz, who were supporting Reylynne, who offered the best ice massage ever.

Doc Toto, Mar and CJ’s friends, who were supporting CJ, for the push and the cheer and the jelly ace (alam ko sayo yun CJ, thank you ha, the best ang jelly ace mo).

Bong, Anna and Keshia, who were supporting Kokoy, for coaching and super push and the by-the-roadside cold shower.  (Uy, thanks Kokoy…)

Ronnie, who believed and pushed me (and talagang made kulit to the point of katarayan) to aim high. And just now, I realized she was the angel who coordinated things for me and made alaga even if she was not there.

To Rod and my other teammates who, like Ronnie, believed I can do it. Your faith kept me going and gave me strength to continue to push.

Rej, who is a tough ironman but showed his sweet side by checking every now and then if i’m prepared and boosting my morale. (sorry now ko lang naalala…so ni-edit ko na lang.)

Gab, who, unbeknownst to me, coordinated all the support I got.

Wap, who surprisingly turned up somewhere during those skin torturing kilometers under the heat of the sun. It’s actually a nice break from so many strange faces I do not know. Also, for the advises you offered during the BDM training.

Doc Art, for the training plan, for teaching me power walk which helped me during those times I needed to recover without sacrificing precious time, all the BDM preparation advises unselfishly shared, the advises on the right meds to take when I got sick last week and for being my emotional punching bag when other problems affect my motivation.

From KM0 to KM102, I was a witness on how a team, THIS TEAM, really works.  The support and encouragement I got made me realize that I am truly blessed. Count on Team Boring to be coordinated, organized and be there even if you’re not expecting it. I am so proud to be a member of Team Boring. I cannot ask for more.

Also, thank you to the support crew of Team Darryl. I didn’t have the chance to thank them at the finish line. I just knew them by the mark Team Darryl at the back of their car.

Beeps, Milette, Racs and the HOB girls who cheered during the last kilometers.

The random runners I encountered during the race who greeted and pushed me on.

The random faces of support crews who cheered on the sides I cannot distinguish because it was too dark during the first half of the race. The locals who likewise cheered me on.

Chris, who coached me and gave me a strong foundation in running, supporting me with advises when I need them and made me stay focused on my goal, no matter what.

My officemate, Ms. Julie, who was there to cheer me on and believed that I can do it.

To all the other people who inspired me and I may have forgotten to mention, who ever you are, rest assured I want to thank you too.

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